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Welcome to the History 2701 Wiki, created by the students in Prof. Ari Daniel Levine's World Civilizations I course at the University of Georgia's Department of History. We'll be exploring and narrating the history of the world, from the beginnings to 1500, through more than 340 museum objects from the Musée du Louvre, the British Museum, the State Museums of Berlin, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Yale University Art Gallery.

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INDEX: Yale University Art Gallery (Fall 2023)[]


281. Jar with Plant Motif and Birds Nuzhat Ahmed

282. Nok Terracotta Head Kennedy Baker

283. Ethiopian Christian Processional Cross Ava Banko

284. Oliphant Ivory Hunting Horn John Brady

285. Quadruped with Two Human Figures Mitchell Burke

286. Female Figure with Four Children Zachary Cahill

287. Yoruba Bell Head Joseph Caron

288. Aztec Head of Xochipilli-Macuilxochitl Connor Church

289. Olmec Standing Male Figure Shelby Copeland

290. Maya Warrior with Facial Decoration Henry Crawford

291. Tripod Ceramic Vessel with Ancient Teotihuacan Deities Jesse Cronic

292. Lidded Vessel with Peccaries, Bird, and Fish Luke Cullom

293. Model of a Ballgame with Spectators Alison Donosky

294. Olmec Figure Head Ely Earley

295. Vessel with Scribes holding Shell Paint Palettes Aizalea Grace Fejeran

296. Moche Portrait Vessel Gabriel Fennell

297. Maya Female Figure with a Child Gray Frederick

298. Portrait of a Young Man, Possibly an Olympic Athlete Victor Garofalo

299. Corinthian Alabastron Piper Goeman

300. Head of Arsinoe III Jacob Greenwald

301. Relief with Gladiators Noah Herndon

302. Mosaic Floor with Views of Alexandria and Memphis Elliott Hood

303. Sestertius of Caligula Jim Hovis

304. Portrait of Julia Domna Mary Hubbard

305. Black-figure Panathenaic Prize Amphora April Johnson

306. Lion Relief from the Processional Way Sujay Kamalasanan

307. Pair Statue of Djehuty-em-hab and Iay Addisen Kameron

308. Stele with Portrait of a Boy Felix Kennett

309. Roman Mosaic of a Dionysiac Procession Trey Ketchum

310. Cup with the Raising of Lazarus Sahra King

311. Roman Cast Mosaic Glass Bowl Connor Koltai

312. Cult Relief of Mithras Slaying the Bull Ava Lance

313. Alabaster Relief of Assyrian Attendant Ayden Landsittel

314. Grave Stele Kate Maddox

315. Red-Figure Amphora Depicting Athena and Hermes Nicholas Makarishchev

316. Seated Buddha in Meditation Michael McGinn

317. Footprints of Buddha Matthew Meek

318. Standing Yakshi Relief Jackson Miller

319. Qingbai Porcelain Ewer Elizabeth Nelson

320. Tang Horse Figurine Neeve Ram

321. Statue of Jizo Bosatsu, Japanese Bodhisattva of the Earth Womb Arya Rane

322. Box with a Floral Design Lucy Respess

323. Shaanxi Serving Vessel (Gui) Georgia Robinson

324. Tang Earthenware Court Lady Sebastian Rumpel

325. Zhou Bronze Vessel (Song Gui) Sara Settles

326. Jina Rishabhanatha Statue Leonid Shalman

327. Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin) Statue Aaron Silverman

328. Haniwa Warrior Eli Simon

329. The Mahaparinirvana Sutra (Sutra of the Great and Complete Nirvana) Ben Spitz

330. Buddhist Deity Indra (Taishakuten) Nicholas Stracke

331. Abbasid Lusterware Clarence Taylor

332. Goryeo Vase with Cranes and Clouds Lucy Tomlinson

333. Wang Mian, Ink Plum Ari Ungurait

334. Hieronymus Bosch, Allegory of Intemperance Megan Uta

335. A Portrait of Lady K’abal Xook, Queen of Yaxchilan Ethan Vayle

336. Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Saint Martin of Tours Dividing His Cloak with a Beggar Hudson Whitley

337. Master of the Magdalene, Virgin and Child Enthroned Kaitlyn Wood

338. Gentile da Fabriano, Virgin and Child Tanner Wright

INDEX: Art Institute of Chicago (Spring 2022)[]

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267. Ceremonial Knife (Tumi) Amara Ball

268. Vessel of the Dancing Lords Reid Cogswell

269. Storage Jar with Horizontal Bands of Interlocking Scrolls Isabell Dodge

270. Silk Fragment from 15th Century Granada Lindy Foster

271. The Young Emperor Akbar Arrests the Insolent Shah Abu'l-Maali Sims Harper

272. Tankard (Hanap) with Tulips, Hyacinths, Roses, and Carnations Mason Hill

273. Karttikeya, Commander of the Divine, Seated on a Peacock Gus Kaufman

274, Chola Buddha Shakyamuni Al Marshall

275, Hunping Funerary Urn Logan Saville

276. Incense Burner in the Form of a Duck Loren Seabolt

277. Yang Pu Moving His Family Caroline Shea

278. Portrait Bust of a Woman Lizzy Smith

279, Architectural Relief Depicting the Gigantomachy Brian Spencer

280. Coffin and Mummy of PaankhenAmun Danielle Towers

INDEX: Philadelphia Museum of Art (Fall 2020)[]


243. Jōmon Jar Sierra Blackmon

244. Avalokiteshvara, Bodhisattva of Compassion Mary Campbell

245. Bactrian Camel from the Tang Dynasty Trudy Chen

246. Narasimha (Vishnu's Man-Lion Avatar) Dylan Cooper

247. Pillow with Confucian Scholar, Buddhist Monk, and Daoist Priest Savannah Daly

248. Seated Statue of Monju Mary Elizabeth Edmonds

249. Coffered Ceiling from Zhihua Monastery Michael Ely

250. Basin with Five-clawed Dragon Olivia Fountain

251. Para-Mamluk Carpet Ryan Garrison

252. Mongolian Tabouret Bryce Harrison

253. Fountain from the Monastery of Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa Brianna House

254. Capital from the Cloister of the Monastery of Saint-Rémi John Maughan

255. Tomb Effigy of a Recumbent Knight Mikayla Maxian

256. Holofernes's Army Adrian McCord

257. La Cité de Dieu Casey Newsome

258. Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata (van Eyck) Debora Park

259. Crucifixion Diptych Micah Preston

260. Pillared Temple Hall from the Mandanagopalaswamy Temple, Madurai Will Schatzman

261. Horse Armor of Duke Ulrich of Württemberg Caleb Seward

262. Aztec Temalácatl Brian Shainker

263. Goddess Figure (Chalchiuhtlicue) Henry Stevens

263. Tea Bowl with Tortoise Shell Glaze Maggie Thompson

264. Four Hevajra Mandalas of the Vajravali Cycle Dante Tramontana

265. West Bengal Stele Trevor Williams

266. Tile Mosaic Panel Weijie Zhang

INDEX: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (Fall 2019)[]


215. Cycladic Marble Statues Zachary Beecham

216. Ballyshannon Sun Disc Brady Blanchard

217. Octopus Jar from Knossos Piper Carlson

218. Princess Fresco Tyler Davidson

219. Relief Panel of an Assyrian Eagle God Ethan Frank

220. Jericho Skull William Godbee

221. Shoemaker Vase Evan Gossett

222. Sumerian King List James Headen

223. Two Dog Palette Wesley Henderson

224. Plaque with Yakshi Gareth Ingleton

225. Pottery Jar Kition John Jacobs

226. Felix Gem Henry Ladd

227. Head of Shiva Duncan Meyer

228. Standing Figure of the Buddha Sakyamuni Tali Patel

229. Tetradrachm from the Bar Kokhba Revolt Collin Prindiville

230. Roman Tombstone Dylan Reece

231. Ding Ware Dish Brooklyn Reese

232. Figure of Saint Chandikeshvara Chase Rogers

233. Western Zhou Ding Vessel Morgan Schmidt

234. The Hunt in the Forest by Paolo Uccello Mary Shaw

235. King Alfred's Jewel Gabriel Smallwood

236. Tang Earthenware Camel Thomas Snipes

237. Islamic Oil Lamp Vasishta Srirama

238. Seated Figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin Baker Stickley

239. Medieval Islamic Fritware Bowl Hollen Vitale

240. Ivory Knight Chess Piece John West

241. The Butler Ewer Ross Wills

242. Tunisian Marble Tombstone Levi Wolff

INDEX: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Fall 2018)[]


187. Mayan Cylinder Vase Cora Bauman

188. Olmec Portrait Mask Daniel Brown

189. Mayan Incense Burner Top Valecia Bryant

190. Mississippian Effigy Peter Cates

191. Pueblo III Bowl Julianne Clark

192. Nazcan Human Effigy Vessel John Degaris

193. Madonna of the Clouds by Donatello Christina De Santis

194. Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin by Rogier van der Weyden Matthew Filardi

195. The Crucifixion; the Redeemer with Angels; Saint Nicholas; Saint Gregory by Duccio Griffin Hendricks

196. Islamic Spanish Column Capital Abbey Hensley

197. Double-shelled Ewer of Kashan Elijah Hickey

198. Commemorative Head of an Oba Jackson Howell

199. Benin Mounted Ruler Charles Lane

200. Earring with Nike Driving Two-Horse Chariot Bek Loftus

201. King Menkaura (Mycerinus) and Queen Carson Madsen

202. Assyrian Relief of a Winged Genius Will McCullough

203. Marine Mosaic Jessica Monachelli

204. Achaemenid Persian Earring Kiera Napolitano

205. Head of a Priest (Boston Green Head) Stephen Navitsky

206. Bersha Procession Charlie Olliff

207. Ganesha with His Consorts Alex Quinlan

208. Five-colored Parakeet on a Blossoming Apricot Tree by Emperor Huizong Shelby Reed

209. Shiva as Mahesha Heather Regnier

210. Koryo Gilt Silver Ewer Marcus Rutte

211. Wooden Statue of Guanyin, Bodhisattva of Compassion Grace Summers

212. Shang-dynasty Fangyi Bronze Vessel Kayla Webb

213. Scenery of Yixing by Zhou Zhi John Weidner

214. Dainichi, the Buddha of Infinite Illumination Mack Wickens

INDEX: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Fall 2016)[]


161. Vessel Stand with Ibex Support Ricardo Alvarez

162. Storage Jar Decorated with Mountain Goat Rachel Bentley

163. Seated Goddess with a Child Robert Brawner

164. Seated Statue of Gudea Tommy Boyd

165. Canopic Jar with Lid in the Shape of a Royal Woman Molly Clark

166. Marble Stele of a Woman Ally Cole

167. The Temple of Dendur Jackson Couch

168. Celtic Gold Neck Ring Kaitlin Dotson

169. Monteleone di Spoleto Chariot John David Grider

170. Marble Column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis Claire Hanna

171. Mithras Slaying the Bull Ben Herman

172. The Antioch Chalice Evan House

173. Olmec Jade Mask Collin Huguely

174. Nasca Ceramic Drum Donavan Juleus

175. Bowl with Dragons among Waves Samantha Kincaid

176. Persian Glass Blown Bowl Sarah Kravenhoff

177. Ewer with Feline Shaped Handle Allison Maier

178. Old Trees, Level Distance by Guo Xi Kayla McElreath

179. The Adoration of the Magi by Giotto Colton Pace

180. Madonna and Child by Duccio Josh Parker

181. Shiva as Lord of Dance (Nataraja) Frances Plunkett

182. Bowl with Green, Yellow, and Brown Splashed Decoration Maxwell Rabb

183. Mayan Relief with Enthroned Ruler Emma Rowlett

184. Japanese Armor (Yoroi) Dhanur Sapolia

185. Maize Deity (Chicomecoatl) Samantha Weiner

186. Cloisters Cross India Williams

INDEX: State Museums of Berlin (Spring 2015)[]


132. Shang Ceremonial Axe Patrick Andrie

133. Shang Dynasty Bronze Ding Jake Applegate

134. Bianhu Pilgrim Flask Robert Dickinson

135. Song Dynasty Ceramic Incense Burner Kelsey Duede

136. Seated Amitabha Buddha Sculpture Meg Eaton

137. Hanging Scroll Painting of Jizô Bosatsu Ryan Freeman

138. Zao Gongen Olivia Haas

139. Indus Valley Unicorn Seal Wynn Hall

140. Achilles and Patroclus Kylix Ansley Heard

141. The Praying Boy Zach Kelley

142. The Fish of Vettersfelde Caroline Kellert

143. Glass Amphora From Olbia Kyle Lankhorst

144. Minerva Bowl from Hildesheim Treasure Nicole Ngoc Le

145. The Centaurs Mosaic Qiwei Li

146. Mihrab from the Beyhekim Mosque Bradley Lockridge

147. Inlaid Brass Ewer from Mosul Rachel Morgan

148. Qur'an Stand Abigail Owens

149. The Alhambra Cupola Johnathan Paynter

150. Iranian Shell Pottery Raven Powell

151. Seated Figure of Metjen Blake Rainey

152. Egyptian Ibex Head Rachel Ramsey

153. The Bust of Nefertiti Sarah Smerling

154. The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste Lucy Strickland

155. The Man of Sorrows Elizabeth Thompson

156. The Pazzi Madonna Jennifer Waters

157. Head of Male Statuette Austin Woods

158. Kudurru of Marduk-apla-iddina II Katelin Woods

159. Kouros Statue of Ancient Greece Stephanie Ziegler

160. Medal for Mehmed II Ashley Kemp

INDEX: State Museums of Berlin (Summer 2014)[]


118. Berlin Goddess John Patrick Buckley

119. Dodona Hoplite Andrew Bellflower

120. Ebih-Il Statue of a Worshipper  Sara Diamond

121. Processional Way of Babylon  David Finder

122. Berlin "Green Head" Brittany Burkhart

123. Cuneiform Tablets Keefer Wurmstich 

124. Aztec Feathered Serpent: Quetzalcoatl  Kevin Kennedy

125. Gandhara Standing Buddha  John Harden 

126. Cast Iron Statue of Wuzhiqi  Halie Hunter 

127. Bronze Statue of Vaikuntha Chaturmurti Christopher Nevil

28. Byzantine Mosaic of Christ Pantokrator  Eli Kilgore

129. Athenian Decadrachm Kristi Lee

130. Byzantine Gold Solidus of Theodosius II  Park Macdougald

131. Jan van Eyck, The Madonna in the Church Caitlyn O'Grady 

INDEX: Musée du Louvre (Spring 2013)[]


74. Baal with Thunderbolt Samantha Bednarz

75. Mesopotamian Male Worshipper Christal Borden 

76. Perforated Relief of King Ur-Nanshe Landon Bubb

77. Victory Stele of Naram-Sin Celena Chapman

78. Gudea, King of Lagash Sean Corley

79. Lamassu from Palace of Sargon II  Dominic Crossan

80. Bactrian Princess Matthew Dellaria

81. Elamite Worshipper Taylor Denman

82. Mistress of the Animals Angelique Fouche

83. Divine Triad of Palmyra  Joseph Fowler

84. Frieze of Archers Chandler Gunn

85. Terracotta Eye Idol Jeanine Gilmore

86. Seated Scribe of Old Kingdom Egypt Carly Baker

87. Stelae Offering to Ra-Horakhty-Atum Joel Baxter

88. L'Européenne Mummy Portrait Alys Hannum

89. Funerary Figurine of Ramesses IV Leigh Henry

90. Amenophis IV (Akhenaton) Isabella Hickmon

92. Venus de Milo Justin Hubbard

93. Winged Victory of Samothrace  Mark Iaderosa

94. Etruscan Vase Shreeya Khurana

95. Rampin Horseman Christian Kobres

96. "City Gates" Sarcophagus  Sydney Laseter

97. Double-Sided Mithraic Relief Koko Lewis

98. The Lady of Auxerre Brooke McHale

99. Sarcophagus of the Spouses Lesa Miller

100. Bronze Statue Head of Emperor Hadrian Doug Morgan

101. Borghese Warrior Haley Naugle

102. Lêvy Oinochoe Hashil Patel

103. Barberini Ivory Sam Perry

104. Pyxis of al-Mughira  Bruce Powell

105. Tulunid Panel Joseph Rawlings 

106. The Monzon Lion Margaret Roberts

107. 9th Century Iraqi Bowl  Rachel Rogers

108. Baptistere de Saint Louis Lucas Smith

109. Ivory Casket from Al-Andalus David Subers

111. Ewer of Saladin Miles Tolbert

113. Cimabue, Madonna and Child Hannah Van Hooser

114. Fra Angelico, The Coronation of the Virgin  Emily Walthall 

115. Albrecht Dürer, Portrait of the Artist Holding a Thistle  Emma West

116. Jan Van Eyck, Madonna of Chancellor Rolin Rachel Whitlock

117. Giotto, St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata  Eric Wilder  

INDEX: The British Museum (Spring 2011)[]

Images (1)

1. Mummy of Hornedijtef Desiree Bartra

3. Olduvai Handaxe Kristina Black

5. Clovis Spear Point Brad Burzumato

8. Egyptian Clay Model of Cattle Stacy Cheshire

9. Maya Maize God Statue Adam Clark

10. Jomon Pot Samantha Clark

13. Indus Seal Amanda Cornelison

15. Early Writing Tablet Rachel Cozart

16. The Flood Tablet Kay-Leigh Crook

18. Minoan Bull Leaper Lindsey Daniel

20. Statue of Ramesses II Angela Dasher

21. Lachish Reliefs Jacob Dent

22. Sphinx of Taharqo Elizabeth Evinger

23. Chinese Zhou Dynasty Ritual Vessel Kyle Frisbee

25. Gold Coin of Croesus Wes Gittens

26. Oxus Chariot Model Dalton Gray

27. Parthenon Metope Sara Harmon

28. Basse Yutz Flagons Alex Harwood

29. Olmec Stone Mask Emily Hixon

30. Chinese Bronze Bell David Holtzer

31. Coin with Head of Alexander Lindsey Horan

33. Rosetta Stone Colby Jones

34. Chinese Han Dynasty Lacquer Cup William Jordan

35. Head of Augustus Taylor Kimbrough

38. Ceremonial Ballgame Belt David Kochanik

39. Admonitions Scroll Kayla-Danielle Kraft

40. Hoxne Pepper Pot Dustin Ludvigson

41. Seated Buddha from Gandhara Lauren Mauldin

42. Gold Coin of Kumaragupta I Kaylee Maxwelll

43. Silver Plate Showing Shapur II Samantha Meeks

44. Hinton St. Mary Mosaic Thomas Meeks

45. Arabian Bronze Hand Trent Newell

46. Gold Coin of Abd al-Malik Thomas Olinger

48. Moche Warrior Pot Charles Peacock

51. Maya Relief of Royal Bloodletting Nikola Podeszwa

53. Lothair Crystal Sean Porter

55. Chinese Tang Dynasty Tomb Figures Nicole Powell

57. Hedwig Glass Beaker Allison Rikard

58. Japanese Bronze Mirror Cameron Ruff

59. Borobudur Buddha Head Rachel Rydquist

60. Kilwa Pot Sherds Kevin Schoeller

62. Hebrew Astrolabe Aspen Smith

63. Ife Head Damion Stinson

64. The David Vases Amanda Tai

67. Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy Kendall Thacker

68. Shiva and Parvati Sculpture Sarah Trites

69. Sculpture of a Huastec Goddess Joseph Trotochaud

71. Tughra of Suleiman the Magnificent Seth White

72. Ming Banknote Alice Williams

73. Inca Gold Llama Jacob Yarbrough